Wow. I'm an Alltop Mom!

I've been a mom blogger since 2004 (I started with Mom Thoughts).  It isn't as long as many people out there.  I have this small little following and I love everyone who visits here.  I've always wondered if there were ways to make sure I reach as many moms out there who have kids with differences. 

I work full-time and I don't have a ton of time to "pimp my blog." But a friend of mine pitched my two mom blogs to Alltop Moms - it's considered the ultimate aggregator of blogs.  I'm really honored to be groups with a great bunch of mom bloggers.

I've been pondering some issues as a parent of a limb different kid lately as I watch Jordan move into a bigger girl stage - I've been wondering if I should post it but I figured this is probably the right moment.  I have a couple of hours off from work.  A half hour before I need to grab the kids.  So I have quiet thinking time (which is rare around here).

I've moved into another fearful stage - I realize that every time I see a huge mountain that Jordan has to climb, the girl flies over it after a few false attempts to get up the rock face.  But because I live in a two handed world, I can't fathom how she's going to do all of the simplest things that I do every day.  I was opening a container of yogurt, and used both hands even though I tried it with one.  I started buying glass milk containers and I have a hard time opening it with two hands.  This potty process...  Jordan has a really hard time getting her pants up and down on her own.

I realize she's going to figure all of these things out because she doesn't even know what the world is like with two hands.  But I'm intimidated.  I see these thousands of menial tasks as a huge challenge.  And it exhausts me.  Jordan's stubborn drive to learn everything on her own will get to her accomplish everything.  But to get my brain to wrap around how she'll catch a ball with her new baseball glove AND throw the ball back to me is hard.  I know she'll find a way.  That little arm can do a lot of work.  I just get into these little ruts from time to time when Jordan starts moving into a new phase of development.  It's my problem and I know she'll overcome it all.  Not once will I ever tell her that she can't do a thing.  I just get scared when a simple challenge like getting dressed seems so difficult.